Seattle – What to See and Do


This travel itinerary is a list of the must-see attractions Seattle has to offer if you plan on traveling to Seattle for the first time. There are still quite a few attractions I have yet to experience but I will be giving my thoughts on the ones I have been too.

Before we begin, I want to recommend visitors who plan on staying in Seattle for 2-3 days to look into getting a CityPASS.  These can be brought online or in person at museums or other locations in Seattle for $79.00.  (I brought mines at the Seattle Aquarium) Continue reading

Seattle Trip


It was my first time traveling out of state with my significant other, and it was a trip to remember! We had a blast and were able to fit in a bunch of activities within the 3 days we were there. Seattle is known to rain a lot, but we were lucky that it only rained the first day. There was, however, a lot of overcasts the entire trip. Overall, I enjoyed the city and would highly recommend Seattle to first-time travelers on a budget.

Here are some photos I took from Seattle. Continue reading