Hi, I’m Danny and welcome to my blog!

I consider myself a multipotentialite, as I like to pick up on new interests which can change from month to month. Although my interest for photography, travel, and technology have stuck with me, I don’t like the idea of specializing or committing to one path when there are so much things you can learn or experience throughout your life. As a result, I don’t have one true calling but in fact many paths that I am trying to pursue one by one or all at the same time. I truly believe that being curious about many things in life and trying to integrate them into our lives is a strength that society doesn’t not value. To them it seems like we are wandering from field to field (which may be true) but our curiosity is what allows us to pick up new skills fast and the amount of information we have acquired allows us to adapt to new environments.

With this blog, I hope to open up and connect with fellow multipotentialites who are currently trying to integrate their interests to create a fulfilling career and life as I am.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog.